Labour and Leisure

Labour and Leisure

Labour and Leisure is the first in the series of Alternativa. Anthology publications, accompanying the exhibitions organised within the festival framework. This one is the theoretical complement, which undertakes the most important issues tackled during the festival in 2011, as well as a part of 2012 – the questions about the changes of working models and the complicate relation between these models and the economics of time. The three chapters: The Effort of Rest, Koinonia and Where would you like to go today? contain tests through which one may have a closer look at the contemporary situation of working / labour from the perspective of economic and historical conditions, embraced by the two eponymous notions: labour and free time. Additionally, such issues as co-operation and intellectual work, with contemporary artistic practice as an example, are tackled in these chapters, along with the future of labour as such. The title of the last chapter Where would you like to go? is the slogan of Microsoft Co. from the heroic beginnings of the epoch of internet bulb; today, it is one of the key questions of contemporary societies. It hides the emigrants’ anxiety about their work, as well as precarious white-collar workers and artist, along with the problems related to the dwindling sector of physical work.

The book also contains reprinted material, texts which have yet not been translated and interviews of such authors as: Max Weber, Cornelius Castoriadis, Keti Czuchrow, Borys Arwatow, Hito Steyerl, Paul Lafargue, Ben Kafka, Geert Lovink, Henri Lefebvre, Slavoj Žižek or David Graeber

Supervising editor of Alternativa Editions: Krzysztof Gutfrański
Graphic desing/ layout: Tomasz Bersz i Marian Misiak

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